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How to choose a wedding photographer?


  1. Trust your gut feeling - Check the photographer´s portfolio.  If you like what you see, don´t leave just because his asking price is €200 more than you'd hoped to spend.

  2. Don´t choose by price alone - Professionals don´t work a full wedding day and include the album with 500 photographs for €600!  Booking a "cheap photographer" is always a bit hit and miss. You might end up getting some great photographs, however, I have heard many stories from couples who were disappointed by cheap and inexperienced photographers.  Some even ended up with no photos at all. Don't take any chances! Photographs last forever and you want your children to open the album one day to show your wedding photographs to their children.

  3. Don´t choose by price alone. Really! - If you expect a great customer service; if you want to have peace of mind knowing your wedding photography will be in safe hands, well planned and executed; if you want excellent photographs at the end and a professional photographer who will plan the day for you - from photography point of view; choose a real professional. My grandmother from Germany used to say: When you want the comfort, quality and reliability of Mercedes, you need to pay for the Mercedes.

  4. Ask questions - Ask ask ask! As many questions as you need to be sure that the photographer you chose is the right photographer for you. Personally I love meeting clients, talking, explaining everything in detail and answering questions!  If someone is "too busy" to make time and meet you at your convenience it's a sign they may not be helpful or creative on the day either. Be clear and tell the photographer what your expectations are. Ask him how he is going to achieve what you're looking for. And again - trust your gut feeling after meeting your wedding photographer. Don't make a rush decision.

  5. On the wedding day - Remember that the more time you have, the more lovely photographs you can get from a staged outdoor photo shoot. The ideal is to have 30-45 minutes with the couple - just the three of us - for the outdoor photo shoot, usually on the way from the church to the party venue. We always have a plan for the photo shoot as we visit all locations before the wedding day and do our homework. That way we never waste our clients´ time on the wedding day and get the most of it.

  6. Have fun - Wedding photography is about capturing one of the most important days of your life and most of us get married only once in a lifetime so there is no next time.  Having fun while shooting on the day is very important. Make sure you choose a wedding photographer that makes you feel comfortable - because having fun cannot be staged.


   Feel free to contact us with any enquiry and we will do our best to get you the set of photos and lovely videos you are looking for.

"Choose your photographer wisely, as photographs last forever."

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